Massage Therapy and Energy Work $100/Hour

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Gudrun Anna Strmic

Master Massage Therapist 

An integrated massage allows the therapist to tailor the treatment for each client using her specific expertise.  The therapists have developed their skill beyond massage school to include a number of holistic modalities.  This unique approach helps the body, mind and soul rid itself of imbalances that make it harder to function.  

Holistic modalities often utilized at The Healing Arts Center include neuromuscular massage, energy or vibrational work, Reiki, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point massage, deep tissue, Swedish massage, pre & postnatal massage, and tapping.  We provide self care tips and offer classes for our clients to further their healing.

Reiki / Energy Work

Receive energy work to balance chakras, ground, feel centered or calm, relieve mental or emotional blocks and more.  Energy work taps into your intuitive ability to heal and the universe's ability to help.  The therapist channels the energy and also helps direct the energy when needed.  Experience the intuitive ability of an energy practitioner today!

Intuitive Card Readings

Using one of various decks of Divining Cards, you and your practitioner can call upon your guides to tap into and strengthen your intuition.  Our readings ONLY call in the light energies of the Angels and Great Ancient Teachers, and carry messages of love, support, and encouragement wherever you are on your path.  An optional Energy Healing session may be added after your reading to help start the intuitive process of information gained.

MyoKinesthetic System

A nervous system treatment that eliminates or alleviates pain by correcting and balancing the posture.