Join us for an informative and explorative evening Monday, December 3rd 6:30 - 9 pm.

Further details:


Mia Robbins: Working on both the Energetic and the physical level, Miwa Robbins will talk about the Thai Bodywork modality she practices and how using the Ayurvedic wisdom and an awareness of subtle energies supports her clients to find balance again in both their physical and energetic bodies.

Sylvia Barnhill: A great discussion on Living with Spirit. We all contact guides but many do not know who they are contacting. Sylvia will help you discern how and to whom you are reaching.

Gudrun Strmic: MyoKinesthetic System, a nervous system treatment to correct and balance the posture, is still a widely unknown about treatment. Highly effective for joint and pain issues, organ functions and anxiety, Gudrun has been practicing this in the Charleston area for over 7 years. Also, a Holistic Nutritionist Coach, she will share her exciting nutritional journey she has been on and share the books and research helpful to eliminate the rampant difference of opinions amongst professionals in the field.


Beth Lemley created a number of essential oil combinations in sprays to help balance chakras and auras. Try her interesting and alluring scents for yourself. Handmade soaps and other surprises, too. Her affordable prices will have you buying several for yourself or gifts!


Gudrun Strmic, a holistic nutritionist, will be baking delectable treats for you to try and buy! Her passion is for vegan and gluten-free foods that taste delicious. Even if these nutritional guidelines are not what you usually follow, you may not be able to taste the difference!

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Check back frequently for more details! See you Monday, December 3rd!