Massage Therapy as Pain Relief

Massage therapy has come a long way.  Massage therapists now specialize in so many modalities that it seems impossible to name them all.  From acupressure to reflexology to energy work to nervous system treatments like MyoKinesthetic System.  We help with sports related injuries, postural imbalances, pre-natal and post-natal, infant massage, massage to help with sinus issues, asthma, arthritis, gout, lymph drainage, snoring, tinnitus, carpal tunnel, golfer's elbow, digestion, torticollis and much, much more.  Did you see anything that pertains to you or someone you know?  There is more than ten times the modalities listed here and as many symptoms or named conditions that you can think.  We're required to take continuing education credits every year to maintain our license.  And that's just for state licensure.  Many are also members of the American Massage Therapy Association ( and/or choose to "attain the highest credential within the massage therapy and bodywork profession", the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (  We take our skills seriously as we aim for the best possible treatment of your symptoms and conditions.  


Gudrun Strmic, Licensed Massage Therapist & Bodyworker (among other things ;)

A spiritual perspective on sexual energy

Perhaps nothing provokes more controversy, more curiosity, and more obsession in our Western culture than human sexual energy. Whether male or female, sexuality remains one of our greatest human mysteries, spurring all kinds of research projects across multiple disciplines seeking to de-mystify what turns out to be the most powerful energy in the Universe. 

Being a bodyworker and energy practitioner, I have witnessed the awakening of the flow of this sexual feeling energy in my own body as well as in the bodies of some of my clients during our sessions. And without a higher level understanding of what that energy actually is and why it is awakened, it can lead to awkward and sometimes even destructive situations for all concerned, especially in a professional setting. It can be challenging when our sexual energy awakens in the presence of another, because our tendency is to think we are feeling the energy of the other person. However in truth, whenever we feel sexual energy, we are actually feeling our OWN life force pulsating through us, coming to life. Different people, whether through bodywork or in personal relationship, can awaken our own energy, and vice versa, but it is always our own energy we feel. Keeping this in our awareness can help us navigate the sometimes confusing waters that result when someone serves as a strong awakener to our Shakti energy. We can offer them gratitude for awakening the deepest most sacred part of ourselves, without making them responsible for what we “do” or how we act upon it.

So what is sexual energy actually? From an energetic perspective, this sexual feeling energy is really much more expansive. It is nothing less than our vital life force energy, our pure creative energy which we can harness for optimal health and even to manifest everything in our lives! It truly is our aliveness, experienced as sexual feeling energy because it originates in the area of our bodies that contains our reproductive organs. The ancient traditions of Tantra and Yoga understood this far better than our modern culture, and had many terms for this energy: Chi, Prana, Shakti, Kundalini, to name a few.

On June 10 2017 at 6:30, I will be facilitating a workshop which seeks to add enlightenment to this most beautiful part of ourselves, and how to connect with, charge up, and channel our sexual energy rather than trying to suppress it and stave it off out of fear and misunderstanding.

Click the link to see the details of the workshop and purchase tickets. 34541185616?aff=efbeventtix

Our planet is in dire need of our healed relationship to our creative life force energy. In gaining more understanding about our Shakti, we return to our ancient state of awareness – that each of us are sacred beings, direct expressions of God\dess creativity. And as we return to our own sacredness, we see the sacredness in every living being. And from this point of holiness, it improves our relationship with All Tthat Is.

In Love and Wholeness,


Benefits of Reiki for Moms with Postpartum Depression

It is a privilege to work with prenatal and postnatal clients.  There is a truly calm energy that I feel when channelling energy with a Mother.  It is my wish to help every Mom feel this unique energy.

Some "new mom[s] feels slightly depressed or overwhelmed at some point during the first few days that follow delivery. However, some women experience a more severe form of depression, known as “postpartum depression.” Postpartum depression is a significant problem worldwide, affecting 10 to 15 percent of women around the globe. Women dealing with this condition may try to alleviate their symptoms by taking medication, getting plenty of rest and attending counseling sessions. However, research has also shown that Reiki may be beneficial to women with postpartum depression. " 


Reiki and Chronic Pain: Can Reiki Help Heal the Chronic Pain Epidemic?

I have treated several clients with chronic pain. I see the difference Reiki makes in decreasing pain levels and even eliminating pain. If you or someone you know are experiencing chronic pain of any kind, please contact me. It would be my privilege to work with you.

Light & love,

Jeannette Baummer



Massage, Yoga & Exercise Recommended for Low Back Pain

Massage therapy, as well as therapies such as yoga and exercise, is recommended for low back pain, according to new guidelines from the American College of Physicians. The guidelines analyzed more than 150 studies on low back pain treatments, and nonpharmacological approaches such as massage therapy are preferred.

NPR and other media outlets reported the findings and encouraged people to use massage therapy and other nonpharmacologic treatments for low back pain, one of the most common neurological ailments in the United States.  

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Research has shown that massage increases mobility, decreases depression & anxiety associated with low back pain.  Massage for pain management is sought after more and more when people find that conventional treatments are not helping or that a more integrative approach increases the body's ability to heal.


How Massage Helps at the Cellular Level

Many people believe that massage helps by helping the body rid itself of lactic acid.  To prevent a lengthy response I don't often explain that that is not the case.  As far as I'm concerned, it's as good an explanation as any; the rest is just details.  Well, in case you were wondering, here's an article explaining the nitty gritty.  Enjoy!  

Gudrun Strmic, LMTB