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13 Moon Synchronicity Journey

Led by Sheinata Carn-Hall

In this series of healing sessions we will remember that women are the ones who transmute the sacred elixir of life (the egg) into incarnation form. Alchemy is all about the timing of birthing. We will use this process to learn how to use time and space instead of allowing it to limit us. This creates a critical leap in consciousness. We are going to learn to use the Goddess energy to heal and bring balance into our lives and anchor it into the Mother Earth. Participants will remember their nonphysical selves at the deepest level. The new organization of self that we rebirth will be more powerful than anything you have ever known in all of your incarnation cycles. We will learn about our true relationship with the moon, the origin of the moon, it's purpose in our lives, how we can harness and create in this loving intentional way. This will help us birth our 5th dimensional selves and the New Earth. We will journey into our consciousness and with the help of the moon face and transmute our original negative thoughtforms so that every time you manifest the physical reality that you really want. 

This is a great way to start 2017!

This class is a lunar year journey. It is recommended to take all sessions if possible but not a requirement. You will notice a shift in just one class.

Fee: $25
RSVP here and pay at the healing session.

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