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The Medicine Wheel Healing

Led by Sheinata Carn-Hall  Visit our Facebook page or Meetup page to RSVP or contact Sheinata directly.

We are all born with the ability to dream and have vision. This is what makes us human. It is what makes us reflections of the force that created us. For the sake of Mother Earth and all of our evolution as human beings, we must return to a better understanding of the Earth and of our relations on her. The Medicine Wheel helps all people relate better to Mother Earth and to all the rest of creation around us. It is designed to help us better understand that relationship. Today we are feeling that something is missing and have a longing to be closer to nature and the elemental forces. These series of healing sessions will help you find your place on the Medicine Wheel and identify and explore what powers you may have lost. By finding a kinship with the universe we begin to understand why this relationship was so cherished by Native people. When we are able to completely blend with all things, then we are truly apart of the whole.The Medicine Wheel is a magic circle that encompasses all of that world. As we journey through it we will find wonders within and without. We will learn the Native traditions that date back 25,000 years. The teachings are based on the Medicine Wheel, the four directions and the human being. The essence of the Medicine Wheel is movement and change.

This is a great way to start 2017!

This class is a solar year journey. It is recommended to take all sessions if possible but not a requirement. You will notice a shift in just one class.

Fee: $25
RSVP and pay at the healing session.

To find out more about the class visit the website:


Later Event: January 15
Holistic Open House