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Integrated Healing for Body, Mind & Soul.

We help our clients build wellness with our unique Integrated Massage!  Each therapists' extensive training and intuition combines a number of Energetic and Physical modalities into one session that addresses all layers of the human body at once: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, & Energetic.  No two treatments are ever alike.  We do not have a cookie cutter approach here.

We're dedicated to offering a deeply peaceful and caring environment, taking extra time to treat each and every client as the unique and special individual they are. As a result, our clients come away feeling like they've received the most thorough, most suitable treatment for them. 

Our programs include basic wellness coaching and instructions for self care to ensure they incorporate the day's healing into their everyday lives. We offer a plethora of tools to help each person make healthier choices, release old patterns and create better ones, and inspire and empower the individual to take back control of their own health in big and small ways, every day.  Whether you're looking for help to stay on track with your goals or in need of uber relaxation, we're here for you.


Partners with Boeing!

                                                                                                                                                                  We are a Boeing Preferred Provider.  Boeing employees and their family receive 10% off products and services.  How exciting is that!

Upcoming Workshops

Sound Bath Healing & Meditation, Sacred Medicine Wheel, Peggy Huddleston Heal Faster Surgery Prep, TMJ Self-Care Class, Open House. See dates and times under our 'Classes' tab.

Private & Corporate sessions available